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Scientific Conferences

Science and Practice Conference of Rospatent


Every year since 1997, Rospatent carries out science and practice conferences with participation of international and regional organizations, especially WIPO, EPO, Eurasian Patent Organization, and foreign states. The conferences are aimed at bringing information to a wide range of participants about the most important changes in legislation related to intellectual property, as well as practical aspects of use and assessment of the scientific and technological activities results.


Currently, Rospatent is actively working on entering the largest Russian and international communication plat-forms for open discussion on the role of intellectual property in the scientific and technological breakthrough, stimulating interest in inventive activity, digitization of the economy, and popularization of the intellectual property sphere in general.

The following international and scientific-practical conferences of Rospatent are held every year:

4th International Conference on Digital Transformation "IP Era: Digital IP Ecosystem" (28 April 2022)

3rd International Conference "Digital transformation: IP&AI trends" (22 April 2021)

The XXIV Rospatent International Conference “Transformation of IP in the contemporary environment” (20-21 October 2020)

2nd International Conference “Digital transformation: focus on IP”

International Conference “Digital transformation: Intellectual Property and Blockchain Technologies”

Scientific and Practical Conference of Rospatent “Innovation Potential of Russia”

International Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual Issues of Inventive and Patent-Licensing Activities”, held in the framework of the Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes”.

International Conference of Rospatent “Intellectual Property in Innovative Economy”.

Regional scientific and practical conferences of Rospatent on the topic “Actual issues of legal protection and use of the results of intellectual activity”